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I find myself with so much to say, and also seemingly nothing to say. Or perhaps, it's more..how to say it?
So how about an old fashioned quiz: Movies
Movie I Think Is Overrated: The Pianist
Movie I Think Is Underrated: Shadow of a Doubt
Movie I Love: Howard's End
Movie I Secretly Love: Dick
Favorite Action Movie: Gladiator
Favorite Drama: Howard's End
Favorite Western: The Missing (I'm not really into them)
Favorite Horror: The Innocents
Favorite Comedy: Pecker
Favorite Science Fiction/Fantasy Movie: LOTR trilogy
Favorite Animated Movie: Song of the Sea
Favorite Superhero Movie: Unbreakable
Favorite Romance: Bright Star
Favorite Musical: Willy Wonka
Favorite Documentary: Grey Gardens
Favorite Bad Movie: Legend
Childhood Favorite: Star Wars
Favorite Director: I honestly don't know. I enjoy quite a few Peter Greenaway films.
Favorite Actor: Daniel Day Lewis
Favorite Actress: Tilda Swinton
Favorite Movie This Year So Far: I honestly don't think I've seen any new movies this year. I really enjoyed Moana, but I think that came out in 2016. I'm looking forward to Wonder Woman.
Worst Movie So Far This Year: Ditto the above
Movie I Have Recently Seen: The Dressmaker
What I Thought Of It: Sad and funny.
Favorite Movie Of All Time: ugh, that's sort of impossible. I like so many movies for different reasons. I'll just pick a random one. Rebecca.

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