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I find myself with so much to say, and also seemingly nothing to say. Or perhaps, it's more..how to say it?
So how about an old fashioned quiz: Movies
Movie I Think Is Overrated: The Pianist
Movie I Think Is Underrated: Shadow of a Doubt
Movie I Love: Howard's End
Movie I Secretly Love: Dick
Favorite Action Movie: Gladiator
Favorite Drama: Howard's End
Favorite Western: The Missing (I'm not really into them)
Favorite Horror: The Innocents
Favorite Comedy: Pecker
Favorite Science Fiction/Fantasy Movie: LOTR trilogy
Favorite Animated Movie: Song of the Sea
Favorite Superhero Movie: Unbreakable
Favorite Romance: Bright Star
Favorite Musical: Willy Wonka
Favorite Documentary: Grey Gardens
Favorite Bad Movie: Legend
Childhood Favorite: Star Wars
Favorite Director: I honestly don't know. I enjoy quite a few Peter Greenaway films.
Favorite Actor: Daniel Day Lewis
Favorite Actress: Tilda Swinton
Favorite Movie This Year So Far: I honestly don't think I've seen any new movies this year. I really enjoyed Moana, but I think that came out in 2016. I'm looking forward to Wonder Woman.
Worst Movie So Far This Year: Ditto the above
Movie I Have Recently Seen: The Dressmaker
What I Thought Of It: Sad and funny.
Favorite Movie Of All Time: ugh, that's sort of impossible. I like so many movies for different reasons. I'll just pick a random one. Rebecca.
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I was super excited to sign up for an account here, after a friend posted a loving memorial to LJ over on Facebook. It brought up memories of a time when LJ was a huge part of my life, and I certainly met many of my online friends in those days.
My life has changed a lot since then. I used to work in the archive of a historical society; now I'm a stay at home parent. I used to have two cats. Now I have two kids. I used to spend tons of time online and offline socializing. Now, I pretty much spend 90% of my life taking care of two kids. I was in my thirties in the LJ days. Now I'm almost 46.
And as handy (and omnipresent) as FB is, for me it never replaced that feeling of connect that LJ fostered.
So here I am. Some days I'm so tired I can barely string two thoughts together. A platform based on writing seems almost a joke. And I'm a bit overextended, as I'm currently trying to engage in two courses of Earth-centered spiritual training, in addition to my stuff going on at home.
Still, I want to make an effort....to stick my head into this community, and see what kindred spirits might be here.

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